Plastic is the Future

A sustainable and reasonable plastic recycling technology holds the key to our future. What started as a passion for us is becoming a realistic solution to the plastic conundrum: how to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions at once. 

At Green Future, we provide a solution to a critical global problem: a sustainable and reasonable way of recycling plastic.

Our technology is based on thermochemical reactions. The input: plastic waste. The output: resources for new plastics, synthetic fuels, renewable energy, fertilizers, and water absorbents for agriculture. The process is emission-free, nearly noiseless, and has virtually no impact on its surroundings.

The TDU2000® has been developed in the Czech Republic. We have exclusive global application rights. 

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Our Mission

We want to relieve our planet by making plastic waste a fully recyclable and renewable material in a way that makes sense environmentally and economically. 

We want to be a global circular economy leader. Our goal is to expand to other markets across all continents as soon as possible. 

We believe that our ideas will help solve the persisting environmental problem in a way that does not require any major changes in legislation or drastic restrictions for consumers. 

What we’ve accomplished and what we’re up to

First TDU2000® unit prototype made.
Green Future startup established.
Strategic partnership with ENRESS.
Prototype unit installed in Dvorce u Bruntalu, Czech Republic. Test operation.

Preparing new plants to start operations.
Finding a strategic investor.
16 units operating in the EU. 20 more in progress.
“I believe in business that brings other value than just money: be it a solution to persisting environmental problems or benefits for future generations.”

Michal Pivrnec

Founder & CEO

Michal Pivrnec is a businessman with a vision. For many years, he has been involved in regional development. He owns textile and metalworking plants, founded a specialized sports e-commerce, and led a movement to protect and restore a local architectural monument. Lately, he’s been involved in creating technology that may literally change people’s lives: an emission-free chemical recycling technology that turns plastic waste into reusable raw materials. 

Great things take great courage. Want to be a part of global change? Join us.

We’re looking for investors who share the same values and visions. Could that be you?